Key Players

STF Executive

The STF Executive is the trustee and administrator of the Members’ Health Plan, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan, Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan and Portaplan (Optional Life Insurance). It is also trustee and administrator of each Plan’s investment fund. In this role, the STF Executive appoints and delegates investment responsibilities to the Investment Committee and is responsible for the approval of the Investment Objectives and Policy Statement, which guides the STF’s investment strategy.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for monitoring investment performance, setting investment management guidelines and providing advisory support to the STF’s governing bodies to ensure the prudent management of the STF’s investment assets.

The Committee is established and appointed by the STF Executive and makes recommendations to the Executive on changes to the Investment Objectives and Policy Statement. Meet the Investment Committee.

STF Investments Services Unit

The STF’s professional in-house investment team looks after the day-to-day operations of the investment program, and reports to the Investment Committee on performance, investment strategy and compliance.

The investment team is led by the Chief Investment Officer, who reports quarterly to the Investment Committee on the status of the funds’ investments and works with the Committee to evolve the STF’s investment strategy. The team supports the investment strategy detailed in the investment policy documents – the Investment Objectives and Policy Statement and Investment Management Guidelines Statement – with three different subdivisions focusing on certain aspects of the investment program:

  • Investment Operations, Risk and Analytics supports back-office trading activities, and performance and risk measurement.
  • Public Market Investments oversees investments in fixed income, alternative credit and public equity.
  • Private Market Investments oversees investments in real estate, infrastructure and private equity.