Certification & Registration


In Saskatchewan, you must meet specific criteria to be called a teacher and hold a valid teacher’s certificate in order to be engaged, appointed, employed or retained as a teacher or principal in any publicly funded school. As of October 19, 2015, teacher certification is no longer the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, but the responsibility of the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board (SPTRB) with the enactment of The Registered Teachers Act.

The qualifications for a teacher’s certificate remain the same. Saskatchewan teacher education programs and certification requirements are approved by the Teacher Education and Certification Committee of the SPTRB. This Committee consists of appointees from the SPTRB Board of Directors and other educational stakeholders including the Federation.


You are also required to be registered on an annual basis with the SPTRB to be permitted to teach in Saskatchewan’s publicly funded PreK-12 education system. Registered teachers are subject to the provisions of The Registered Teachers Act and the bylaws established by the SPTRB Board of Directors. Registration fees and associated operating expenses of the SPTRB will be paid by the Ministry of Education for the next two years.