STF Executive

Governance Handbook

Learn more about The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006 and STF bylaws and policies.

The STF Executive, which is elected by Council from its ranks, manages and regulates the activities of the Federation in accordance with The Teachers’ Federation Act, 2006,  STF bylaws and policies, and other applicable federal and provincial legislation and regulations.

The Executive must ensure the organization is acting in accordance with its legislated mandate and fiduciary commitments. The day-to-day operations of the Federation, however, are the delegated responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) who is appointed by the Executive and leads the senior administrative staff.

The legislated duty of the Executive involves various roles and responsibilities that are set out more fully in the Federation bylaws and policies adopted by Council, as well as the Executive policies, processes, norms and expectations established over time by the Executive itself. Among these responsibilities is to establish and appoint members of the benefit plan boards and various committees.

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STF Executive 2021-22

Patrick Maze
Samantha Becotte
Neal Boutin
Nathan Bromm
Kirsten Fritsch
Ben Goby
Amy Korver
Vince Mamer
Gwen Paul
Laura Skrumeda Sawby