Member Support

Members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation have access to a variety of services and support from the provincial organization and its administrative staff. Their services are confidential and they seek to assist with timely and effective solutions that resolve issues and encourage respectful relationships.

Teachers are encouraged to contact the provincial organization to consult with a member of the senior administrative staff if they:

  • Are in a conflict situation that arises out of supervision and evaluation processes or interpersonal and professional relationships with others (including fellow teachers, principals, central office staff, school boards or parents).
  • Are entering into, amending or terminating a contract of employment, or receive a notice of termination or a proposed change to a contract of employment.
  • Require advice on legal matters or require legal assistance from the Federation’s solicitors, in defense of charges arising out of the practice of your profession.

When a member of the Federation calls the provincial organization, they may be directed to one of the senior administrative staff for information, advice or other kinds of professional assistance, or to the staff of one of the benefit plans or Federation departments for information if appropriate.