Return to Work

If you are able to return to teach at the percentage time of your original contract, your disability benefit will cease. If you are returning part-time, your benefit will be reduced in proportion to your teaching time.

Please inform our office immediately once your return-to-work date has been finalized and prior to commencing employment. If you delay notifying the Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan that you have gone back to work, you will be required to pay back any disability benefits that you were not entitled to receive.

In the event your disability recurs within 180 days of your return to teaching, your benefit will be reinstated at your previous rate upon submission of medical evidence and approval of your claim.

Remember, the Federation can be an extremely important resource during this time. Be sure to contact a rehabilitation case consultant and/or an STF senior administrative staff member for support and advice.

Employer’s Duty to Accommodate

Employers are required by law to tailor, adjust or alter the workplace environment so as to give a person with a disability an equal opportunity for employment.

If you have a disability and require an accommodation to continue working or return to work, contact a member of the STF senior administrative staff.

Some critical information about accommodation for disability is available in the document Duty to Accommodate: Guide for School Divisions and Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Members.