Pension Plan

All Saskatchewan teachers belong to one of two pension plans described below, depending on when they began their teaching career.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan provides pension benefits to Saskatchewan teachers who began teaching in the provincial PreK-12 system after July 1, 1980. Under the STRP, pensions are determined by a formula that is based on a teacher’s service and earnings. The Plan is administered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.

The following video provides an overview of your STRP retirement benefits.

Teachers who participated in the former Teachers’ Annuity Plan between July 1, 1980, and June 30, 1991, are required to have a minimum amount of service after June 30, 1991, to be eligible for a defined benefit pension from the STRP.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Plan

Teachers employed in Saskatchewan prior to July 1, 1980, are members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Plan. The Plan is administered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Superannuation Commission.


This section, including the contents of linked publications, contains general information only. In the event of any discrepancy in interpretation, error or omission, the applicable legislation and Plan Text are the final authority.


Use this tool to estimate how much your pension could be at a future retirement date based on inputs that you select.

Currently any estimates for retirement dates beyond June 30, 2024, are not being calculated based on the new benefit formula. Once this plan amendment has been filed with the regulatory bodies, the calculator will be updated.

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