All teachers who became employed for the first time as teachers in Saskatchewan in the provincial PreK-12 system after June 30, 1991, are members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan. 

For the purposes of the STRP, teacher means:

  • A person who holds a valid certificate of qualification or other authorization from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education to teach in a school to which The Education Act, 1995, or The Regional Colleges Act, applies and who is employed by a participating employer:
    1. As a teacher;
    2. In a position requiring the professional qualifications and experience of a teacher; or
    3. By a board of education as defined in The Education Act, 1995, Saskatchewan, and who has been designated as not being a teacher by The Educational Relations Board, but whose position requires the professional qualifications of a teacher.

All teachers who had an interest in the Teachers Annuity Fund on June 30, 1991, are also members of this pension plan.