The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation believes pension and benefit plans are an important means to support the health, wellness and financial security of its members. As such, the Federation is the trustee and administrator of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Retirement Plan, the Members’ Health Plan, the Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan and Portaplan Optional Life Insurance.

The STF Executive has delegated certain responsibilities related to the management of these plans to the STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors, which was established July 1, 2018. This board replaced the three boards previously in place to oversee the STF pension and benefit plans. As required by legislation, the assets of each plan continue to be held in separate funds.

The Executive appointed eight members to the new Board of Directors – six are active STF members and two are independent professionals with specialized knowledge in the areas of pension and benefits. As with the previous boards, the STF Pension and Benefits Board of Directors reports directly to the Executive.