Types of Service

Contributory service is used to determine the amount of your pension from the STRP.

Eligibility service and qualifying service determine when you are eligible to retire and receive an unreduced pension. If you are not eligible for an unreduced pension, this service also determines the amount of reduction applied to your pension if you retire early.

Under certain circumstances, qualifying service has been credited to members to recognize service from another pension plan that was not or could not be transferred to the STRP. Effective July 1, 2015, no further qualifying service will be credited under the Plan.

For Teachers on a Full-Time Contract

Teachers employed under a full-time contract of employment earn contributory and eligibility service for the following:

  • All service as a teacher while employed by any board of education as defined in Clause 2(1)(b) of The Teachers’ Superannuation and Disability Benefits Act.
  • Employment with the Saskatchewan School Boards Association or the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation in a position requiring the professional qualifications of a teacher.
  • Service transferred to the STRP from another pension plan under a Reciprocal Transfer Agreement.
  • Eligible service purchased.
  • Periods while receiving disability benefits from the Teachers’ Long-Term Disability Plan after June 30, 1993.
  • Service with other employers that the Federation may designate from time to time.

For pension purposes, a school year is deemed to be 197 days. If a teacher has a shortfall of days between 185 and 197 days, the teacher will receive credit for one full year of contributory service if the required teacher contributions are remitted to the Plan. This is referred to as the “bump-up” rule. Variations of this rule have been in effect since the inception of the Plan. For more information, contact the STRP.

For Teachers on a Part-Time Contract

Eligibility Service

Teachers employed under a part-time contract of employment are credited a full month of eligibility service for each month in which service is provided to a maximum of 10 months with respect to one school year.

Contributory Service

Teachers employed on a part-time contract throughout the school year are credited contributory service on a proportionate basis of the number of days taught to the number of teaching days in the school year.

Note: Teachers who have part-time service prior to July 1, 1991, must arrange for the employing board to forward verification of such service to the STRP in order for proper credit to be given.

Substitute Teachers

Teachers employed on a substitute basis are given credit for contributory and eligibility service on a proportionate basis of the number of days taught to the number of days in the school year.