Making a Claim

Claims can be submitted online, through your provider or by paper claim. You will need your GSC ID number, which can be found on your GSC benefit card in GSC everywhere.  Each eligible member of your family has their own individual ID number for claiming purposes.  All of them are on your GSC benefit card.

Keep your records in MySTF up to date to ensure your claim is processed without delays. To ensure your claim is processed without delay, log in to MySTF and make sure your records are up to date.  This includes adding or removing your spouse and/or dependant children, uploading student verification and updating your spouse’s coordination of benefit information.

Available Claim Submissions

  1. Ask your provider to submit your claim electronically at the time of service.  Eligible providers include pharmacists, vision providers, and health care practitioners. 
  2. Submit your claim online through your GSC everywhere account.  
  3. Complete a GSC General Claim Submission form for each claimant and mail it along with all the original receipts to the address on the form.  Personalized claim forms can be found on your GSC everywhere account.  Please note, if your contract is terminated, you will need to complete a paper claim form for expenses incurred while on contract.

Claim Deadline

You have 15 months from the date an expense is incurred to submit your claim, with the exception of out-of-country claims for which deadlines vary by province of residence.

Registering for Direct Deposit

You can register for direct deposit by logging in to your GSC everywhere account and entering your banking information. By doing so, all your claim reimbursements will be deposited directly into your bank account. If you don’t register for direct deposit, you will receive claim payments by cheque.

Your Claims and Benefit Information

GSC provides access to your claim and benefit information on GSC everywhere. Once registered for your GSC everywhere account you will be able to:

  • View your claim history, including a breakdown of how your claims were processed;
  • Check your eligibility and coverage for health services or items instantly to find out what portion of a claim will be covered;
  • Search for a prescription drug to see if it’s covered and for how much; and
  • Print a personal Explanation of Benefit statement for co-ordinating benefits.  

GSC Claim Audits

If you submit a claim online, remember to keep all original claim receipts and supporting documentation for at least 13 months in case your claim is audited by GSC.  If you submit a paper claim, retain a copy of your claim form as well.

Problems With Your GSC Benefit Card

If you are having problems with your benefit card, you should:

  • Ensure your personal information and that of your spouse and/or dependant(s) is accurate and up to date.
  • Log in to MySTF to view your address under Profile Management and your spouse and dependant information under Manage Family Coverage.
  • Contact GSC Customer Support Center.

Contact information

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